Kim Loves Her Lashes

I'm an LASH EXTENSIONS, that is!  In March, Louriann suggested I try lash extensions and 5 months later I am still very excited about them. My lashes look natural, feel natural and are very low maintenance.  After swimming in the ocean of Puerto Rico, golfing in the humidity in Florida, and living an active lifestyle in arid Colorado, my lashes are still beautiful. Louriann's "lash lounger" is so comfortable and relaxing, I usually fall asleep and let her perform her magic. Waking up, I feel rejuvenated with fabulous lashes and brighter looking eyes!  Besides being very professional, Louriann is knowledgeable in discussing any myths or concerns I've heard through the media about this procedure.  I'm thrilled with her passion and patience in applying lash extensions. I never thought I would be the type person to spend time or money on this procedure, but now I look forward to my appointments and all the compliments I continue to receive.  I highly recommend lash extensions!  Oh, did I mention my husband loves my new bright-eyed, youthful look?  -Kim 


Sasha's Testimonial

I'm a VERY picky client when it comes to hairdressers. I've tried countless salons and have mostly been disappointed. Louriann has been my go-to stylist for the past 12 years. She knows more about the intricacies hair than you ever thought imaginable. Louriann can adeptly size up your hair (shaft characteristics, cowlicks, color tolerance, etc.), your facial shape, and how much -- or little -- time you spend on your hair to recommend the perfect cut and color for you. If you care about how you look, you need to go see Louriann.

Leslie S.

I have been seeing Lourianne for nearly 20 years and she's bar none, the best stylist I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She's intuitive, aware of current styles and simply knows what's best for your look. She returns me to "my natural color" every 6 weeks and I have always been super pleased with the results. She's very conservative in a great way, so you never need worry that you'll look in the mirror and say, "who's that?" I highly recommend Lourianne at Adams Studio~!

Leslie S.